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Today we are joined by Toronto Based Nutritionist Tara Miller to discuss the importance of intuitive eating. Not exactly sure what intuitive eating is? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Tara breaks down exactly what intuitive eating is, including her definition of health, the importance of community, and how to have a healthy relationship with your body.

Tara is the founder of the Health Hut, which began in 2011 when she revamped an abandoned ice cream stand in Muskoka, ON. Now, Health Hut has grown to include a downtown Toronto location as well as an online store, and helps bring balance and pleasure back to her patients’ lives. Health Hut does not believe in restrictions, instead, Health Hut works to find what health means for every individual because no two bodies are the same.

Health Hut’s philosophy focuses on listening to internal cues from your body instead of listening to external recommendations. It is unique in the way that Tara blends comfortability, balance, and acceptance while creating an open space for dialogue and networking. On today’s episode, we discuss how to find the right health mantra for you, how to have an exciting relationship with food, and discover a new way to find pleasure in change.


In this Episode:

  • Learn about Tara’s  favourite products such as Province Apothecary Face Balm and Living Libations Poetic Pits

  • How adaptogens can help you find hormonal balance and combat stress

  • The importance of community, inclusivity and flexibility

  • How to say no to limitations and still feel like your best self



“I had a massive shift, and recognized that this positive relationship I had with food was not common. It wasn’t common among women who were aspiring nutritionist, it wasn’t common with my clients, and it wasn’t the case with the general population. That was a big eye opener.”  (7:24)

“Ultimately, a healthy lifestyle includes way more than what we are just eating. What are you thinking? What are you restricting, and in turn what are you binging? Are you experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, flexibility?” (10:33)

“Intuitive eating is more of an emotional and mental change to your relationship with food. It’s about the psychology of food, rather than the food itself.” (12:46)

“You can’t go through life with a perfect diet but being crazy stressed, not sleeping and always worrying. Holistically they have to work together and include things that we often don’t talk about, like pleasure and balance.” (19:28)

“I wanted to attract health enthusiasts into my store, by bringing in brands that are harder to find, but I also want it to be a space where you could walk off the street and still feel comfortable even if you don’t know it’s a health focused store.” (29:22)



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