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Are you taking the best care of your skin possible? Most of us have a skin care regimen but are you using the right stuff both internally and externally? Today’s guest knows knows more about skin care then most people because she was literally raised in the business.

Steph Gee is Director of Gee Beauty in Toronto & Gee Beauty ambassador, working directly with her mom and sisters. Needless to say, skin care knowledge runs deep in her family. Because her mom was a makeup artist, the need to take care of your health and skin was something that was instilled in her from a very young age. She started working in the store at the ripe ol’ age of 16 and quickly realized that helping people put together the best possible skin care regimen for them was a true passion of hers.

On today’s episode we discuss how hormones and diet ultimately affect our skin, why what we consume can be causing us more pain then we realize, and how the power of habit is the life force of health and beauty. If you are needing help with how to care for yourself inside and out then this is the episode for you. I learned a ton about the importance of alkalinity and will definitely be bringing it into my routine.

What are the skin issues that you struggle with the most? Is your diet helping or hurting your skin? Let us know in the comments below!

In this episode:

  • Tips on what to eat to solve common health and skin care problems

  • Some absolutely amazing meal ideas

  • Why is the power of habit so important when it comes to health and beauty (and everything!)

  • The #1 thing you need to use for great skin

  • Some great superfoods you need to start consuming today


“What I was putting into my body was affecting my energy, my digestion & ultimately my skin, my hair & my confidence.” (4:00)

“One of the best principles that has always resonated with me was adding more great things in so you naturally want to eliminate and that to me makes the most sense and is the most friendly approach.” (9:26)

“Starting a meal with something alkaline will coat your digestive system so that whatever you add to it you will be able to digest easier.” (12:49)



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