Carter Reid


What do you do, what is your favourite thing about your job?

First and foremost, a Mother- easily my most important job! Currently I am completing my studies in Holistic Nutrition- soon to be Holistic Nutritionist! Beyond that, I am a freelance photographer and writer. From a digital perspective, I help brands/entrepreneurs with visual and creative elements pertaining to their business, mostly relating to marketing. Another project I have on the go is photographing, interviewing and writing about interesting and dynamic minds or brands within wellness and design. One of the things I love most about what I do is that it’s continuously changing. I’m constantly learning, growing and evolving. This is how I prefer life. I am always being pushed beyond my limits, which is terrifying but also rewarding. I love discovering unique, distinct brands, artists, designers and entrepreneurs, that immediately capture me. I love learning all there is to know and creating a beautiful portfolio of work that displays the beauty which I see. Sharing this with people is happiness. We live in such an amazing city and I am continuously inspired by the talent existing within it and all around me. I appreciate how Toronto embraces community and creativity, transcending cultural and industry specific boundaries. We are living in a truly magnificent time.

Favourite workout?

Freestyle contemporary dancing in my living room! But of course, the more structured and targeted workout of my choice would be Yoga. Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast and dancer, so for me Yoga and often Pilates, brings me back to the flow of movement I feel so connected to. It also has a flexibility component which my body responds to well. I quite enjoy the mental, emotional and spiritual connection that happens during yoga practice. It is a way to connect all aspects of who I am to my physical body. It’s so easy to lose this connection day to day, so I appreciate how yoga encourages this fusion and strengthens the bond between the different aspect of me. It’s very grounding and awakens in me, a strong mental attitude which allows me to conquer my day!

Favourite studio?

This is not a linear answer, so I am going to run with it dynamically and mention a few. I am loving Yoga Yoga and Muse Movement right now. They are both close to where I live, and I’m all about keeping it local! Both offer a boutique studio experience and aside from the amazing crew of teachers, their environment offers an interesting and creative lofty feel which I really love, it inspires me; gets me in a zone to move. There is something really special and empowering about community. I find the sensibility of these studios to be quite community focused, I love that. I’m really concerned with localizing my life and integrating myself into the communities around me. Also, Breath Yoga in the Junction has an infrared sauna and I’m all about saunas! Haven’t yet but very excited to check out Misfit and Barreworks!

Do you find fitness important, and why?

Literally every system within our bodies requires proper blood circulation in order to deliver all the nutrients and other essential components to our organs at a cellular level. The best way to activate and stimulate blood circulation is exercise! It’s necessary to eat healthy but the other part to the wellness equation is exercise! The beautiful thing is, it looks different for everyone and that’s the interesting part. You don’t need to feel guilty for not hitting the gym x amount of times per week. Go for a long walk with a friend in High Park, there are so many hills to climb, and hiking trails! There is no one prescribed way to stay fit, it should be something you enjoy doing and it can be! There are so many ways to get out there and feel good. The mental aspect of exercise is huge and should not be overlooked.

What does Self-Care mean to you and what does it look like?

This is a loaded question. There is a huge movement happening around us at present and we are starting to become more aware of who we are as humans and independent individuals, detached from our occupation or other outwardly judgment. It’s interesting because once this shift happens, you start to understand yourself, who you are and what you need in order to sustain contentment. To parle this into self care, for me it means actively partaking in a relationship with myself, making a commitment to show up, every day and express concern and sensitivity towards myself. This may sound like basic stuff but it’s surprising how often this is overlooked day to day. I’m always checking myself. Once you are in a loving relationship with you, all the other things follow: eating healthy, going to the spa, getting a facial etc. It’s like being in a relationship with someone else; first you fall in love with them. You put the work in, care and concern for the other person and of course you want to celebrate your relationship by going on dates etc. To me this is the basis for self-care. As this awareness and concern comes first. Beyond the mental shift. My self care is taking time to dwell and indulge in the things I love, allowing myself that time without judgment. Writing is a huge one for me, taking photos, exercising my creativity by creating small bodies of work simply because I had a vision, want to fulfill it and love doing it. I take pride in taking care of my skin and hair, hence all the collagen :) I love giving myself a henna hair treatment and have a homemade hair mask I try and do regularly, it obviously involves avocados. Discovering amazing natural beauty products, is always very exciting. Right now some of my favourites are, One Love Organics, Flores Boticario and Camp Skin Care. I am also dying to try NOTO and Herbivore.

Do you have a wellness “routine” if so, what does it look like?

It’s something that is always changing and evolving, depending on what the conditions call for. Right now, I am constantly on the go, so I’m tailoring my wellness routine to support that. Simply put, in order to function effectively: learning, evolving, creating and enjoying my life’s processes, I need sleep, nutrients, my journal and movement. These things keep me well. If I don’t make a conscious effort to implement these daily, I know I am operating on a thinner thread. That said, life happens, things come up and you have to be agile and sensitive to yourself during those times- compromise, push, pull, give and take. It’s expected and it’s fine. Right now, every morning starts off with a collagen matcha latte and a nutrient dense smoothie. Matcha for mental focus, alertness and stamina. A smoothie to lay a strong foundation of micro and macro-nutrients. The base of the smoothie is one I always use by Garden of Life, called All In One; basically, plant based protein with a compilation of vitamins and minerals. I’m often adding other components into the mix. Currently adding Tocos by The Gut Lab and a blend of six medicinal/adaptogenic mushrooms, It’s called Mushroom Milk and its by a brand called The New New Age. Aside from products and supplements, I try and drink about 3L of water per day. I have a water bottle which I carry everywhere, it holds 1L, so if I finish three a day I’m winning. Fiber is another focus for me, I also try to get in as many raw vegetables as possible. It’s easy to unintentionally skip out on raw veggies, so that focus is huge for me. Externally, I love beauty from a wellness perspective. Currently, I use C Serum by One Love Organics. I also use Luna De Miel (glow serum) by Flores Boticario, a beautiful brand from Toronto. I actually mix the two together. It is essentially like turning your face into a dolphin’s body. If you have ever touched a dolphin before, you understand how serious this is. To cleanse, I use a simple and natural charcoal soap bar to draw out toxins and the charcoal face scrub from Camp Skin Care. Very much in love with my skin care routine at the moment, if it’s not obvious. Lastly, I have to Journal daily to get my thoughts, ideas and concepts on paper, It’s a creative outlet for me and truly keeps me mentally and emotionally well.

Favourite meal of the day and why?

Okay, this is a very easy question for me and the answer is obviously breakfast. My entire day hinges on how I start my morning (that may be dramatic). I do believe that an early rise and strong morning routine can line up your day and set you up for success, cliche but true. To take it a step further, implementing a nutrient dense, wholehearted breakfast will all the goods gives you energy for a strong start. It’s so fun and easy for me to get creative with breakfast, it comes natural, more so for breakfast than any other meal. As soon as you become a mother, you can pretty much kiss casual, care free evenings goodbye- at least for the first chunk of years, so maybe that ties into why I am more drawn to mornings.

Last book you read?

The Art Of Loving by Erich Fromm! A book I recently decided to re-read. He presents so many interesting thoughts on how love governs our existence. How we experience life and our perspectives are a byproduct of our relationship with love. He uncovers how our ability to exercise love in all aspects can alter our understanding of life and positively impact those around us. I won’t say anymore but a very refreshing read. I highly encourage everyone to read it. I am an avid reader and have an ambitious list for 2018 (suggestions welcome). Other books on my “to read” list are, To Have or To Be, also by Erich Fromm and The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts, which I’m particularly excited about as it came highly recommended.  


Collagen Matcha Latte



1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

1/2 tsp of matcha powder

1 heaping tsp of gr. A maple syrup

1 tbsp of virgin coconut oil

1 scoop of collagen powder ( I use Complete Collagen by Progressive)

*For maximum collagen absorption and production, vitamin C levels and L-Tyrosine levels must be sufficient! Make sure you get a collagen powder that includes vitamin C and an amino acid profile or supplement separately. 



In a small pot, heat almond milk. Do NOT boil. Pour warm almond milk into a blender, along with other ingredients. Blend on medium for 45 seconds to 1 min. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy. 



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