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How many times have you uttered an excuse as to why you can’t make changes to your life? What BS reasons do you repeat to yourself so that you choose the easy way instead of the path of hard work but ultimate happiness? These questions can fit into many aspect of life whether it is career or health, and today’s guest will inspire you to get your butt off the excuse wagon and dive into happiness.

Today’s guest not only ditched her day job to feel more fulfilled, but created a healthy living brand in which she teaches, trains, and inspires others to live their healthiest lives. Marlie Cohen is a certified personal trainer, certified holistic health coach and creator of Kales and Krunches, and she is talking with me today about how her fitness goals around her wedding were more than to look good in the dress, the importance of shutting off, and why Instagram has been her favorite social media platform.

If you have ever wanted to get healthy or improve on your current regimen, learn how to make Instagram work for you, or get ready for that walk down the aisle, then this is the episode for you to sink your teeth into. I learned a lot from our discussion and will definitely be trying out some of the products Marlie suggested.

What do you struggle with the most when it comes to being healthy? Do you feel you have a healthy work / life balance? Leave a comment below!


In this episode:

● Great tips on taking care of your body both inside and out

● How important it is having a nighttime routine?

● Why shutting off regularly helps you in the long run

● How do you know when to draw the line between being open on social media and still keeping some privacy in your life.



“My nighttime routine, to me, is more important than my morning routine.” (13:22)

“There is definite pressure because people are always looking at the bride and her dress. How much weight did she lose? How skinny does she look? It’s horrible and it’s toxic!” (22:26)

“This is my life and this is what makes me happy. This is what I want to promote and help people do.” (24:03)

“I think it goes back to posting when you feel the need and in the moment that you wanna post and not overthinking. I think that is how you stay authentic.” (35:08)



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