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Today is a special episode because I am switching seats to become the interviewee instead of the interviewer. My amazing friend Jo took the reins and we discussed the how’s and why’s that I began my healthy lifestyle, why I am passionate about this podcast, and my obsession with chairs and mugs on Instagram.

We also dig into my past, my present, and everything I have planned for the future. This episode will definitely give you a brief introduction to me and my personality. I hope you enjoy!


In this episode:

● Why be obsessed with an overall healthy lifestyle?
● What you can expect from this podcast and why I started it
● My thoughts on how to live your best life
● Some tips and tricks for creating a balanced life



“Why don’t we just take care of ourselves every single day and then lead a really beautiful life.”

“You can have balance, you can live a life that you enjoy through good experiences in all areas.”



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