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Today is a special episode because I am switching seats to become the interviewee instead of the interviewer. My amazing friend Jo took the reins and we discussed the how’s and why’s that I began my healthy lifestyle, why I am passionate about this podcast, and my obsession with chairs and mugs on Instagram.
We also dig into my past, my present, and everything I have planned for the future. This episode will definitely give you a brief introduction to me and my personality. I hope you enjoy!

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anne matthews


Do you find yourself falling into following fad diets and supplements that are the hot new thing for a few months and then fade away quickly to be replaced by the next hot new thing? Did you know that you could actually be doing way more harm than good by doing so? Our guest today drops some knowledge bombs when it comes to why all nutrients are not made for everyone, why Chinese medicine has stood the test of time, and how you can battle infertility without costly procedures.

marlie cohen


Today’s guest not only ditched her day job to feel more fulfilled, but created a healthy living brand in which she teaches, trains, and inspires others to live their healthiest lives. Marlie Cohen is a certified personal trainer, certified holistic health coach and creator of Kales and Krunches, and she is talking with me today about how her fitness goals around her wedding were more than to look good in the dress, the importance of shutting off, and why Instagram has been her favorite social media platform. 


tonya papanikolov  


Is your food working for you or against you? Today on Lemon Water we’re breaking down how your choices at the market can either contribute to longevity and health, or at worst, be contributing to aging, poor health and laying the groundwork for chronic diseases later in life. We all know that making changes to what you eat is a heck of a lot cheaper than costly doctor visits, so we’re going diving into what those changes look like!


steph gee


Are you taking the best care of your skin possible? Most of us have a skin care regimen but are you using the right stuff both internally and externally? Today’s guest knows knows more about skin care then most people because she was literally raised in the business.
Steph Gee is Director of Gee Beauty in Toronto & Gee Beauty ambassador, working directly with her mom and sisters. Needless to say, skin care knowledge runs deep in her family.


amber joliat


So, you think you have your complete wellness on lockdown? Today’s guest absolutely does and has even created her own method which incorporates yoga, pilates, and dance which is set to music and drives connection and physical and emotional release all with an intentional therapeutic vibration. Amber Joliat is the creator of Misfits Studio’s and the Misfits Method which blends mind, body, and soul with movement and creates strength, overall wellness, and a sense of magic in every single class.


ruby benson


Are you someone who believes in the power of manifestation? Do you regularly set resolutions and/or intentions? Today’s guest is an amazingly dear friend of mine who deeply believes that you bring into your life exactly the energy you put out. The future lies in the gratitude and positivity that you show today! Ruby Benson is a blogger, model, and content creator who has become a voice for the millennial generation through her beautifully curated social media channels, and she has done it all while maintaining her authentic self.

The Goods.png

lisa labute


How much do you really know about plant based eating? Today’s guest is a plant based & functional foods guru and has the restaurant to prove it. She changed her life by educating herself on how foods affect you body, mind, and soul, and is sharing that knowledge with us today. Lisa Labute is the creator, owner and chef of The Goods, a plant based restaurant in the west end of Toronto which specializes in crafting functional, healing foods, everything is organic, vegan and incredibly delicious vegan. She breaks down for us how and why foods can heal your body and the unexpected benefits of plant based lifestyles on mental health.

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tara miller


Today we are joined by Toronto Based Nutritionist Tara Miller to discuss the importance of intuitive eating. Not exactly sure what intuitive eating is? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Tara breaks down exactly what intuitive eating is, including her definition of health, the importance of community, and how to have a healthy relationship with your body.