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How much do you really know about plant based eating?

Today’s guest is a plant based & functional foods guru and has the restaurant to prove it. She changed her life by educating herself on how foods affect you body, mind, and soul, and is sharing that knowledge with us today.

Lisa Labute is the creator, owner and chef of The Goods, a plant based restaurant in the west end of Toronto which specializes in crafting functional, healing foods, everything is organic, vegan and incredibly delicious vegan. She breaks down for us how and why foods can heal your body and the unexpected benefits of plant based lifestyles on mental health.

We also dive into how our choices in where we buy our foods and goods ultimately shapes the world, why educating yourself on how foods help or hinder you is the bestthing you could ever do for yourself, and where the health food and wellness industry is headed.

If you have toyed with the idea of adopting a plant based diet but had reservations, then this episode is for you.

How much of your current food consumption is plant-based? What are the roadblocks that are keeping you from increasing that percentage? Leave a comment below!


In this episode:

  • The importance of food as healing
  • Why plant based foods are so important
  • Where is the industry headed
  • The unexpected benefits of plant based lifestyles on mental health
  • The disconnect within the industry in terms of education 



“I realized the mental health aspect [of a plant based diet], so there was this stability that came, this peace of mind, this calmness. I wasn’t raging in traffic anymore.” (8:03)

“With that privilege there comes a responsibility to consciously decide what I am eating. Ultimately, we live in a time where we are voting with our dollars, so if you choose to buy processed foods from a big box store your choosing to support large corporations

and choosing to support the manufacturing of crappy food. I also understand that some people don’t have a choice but a lot of us do.” (20:28)

“I think that we have to understand is that there are some people in the health movement that are doing it because it’s their purpose and passion and there are also some people who have

looked at the numbers it’s trending and they know they can monetize. So, I think you have to have an awareness and it doesn’t always mean that the people who are purpose driven are making good product and it also doesn’t mean that the people who are money driven are making a poor product but I think what I am trying to say is, that the onus is on the consumer at this point to educate themselves and do a little digging. (34:40)



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