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So, you think you have your complete wellness on lockdown? Today’s guest absolutely does and has even created her own method which incorporates yoga, pilates, and dance which is set to music and drives connection and physical and emotional release all with an intentional therapeutic vibration.

Amber Joliat is the creator of Misfits Studio’s and the Misfits Method which blends mind, body, and soul with movement and creates strength, overall wellness, and a sense of magic in every single class. She has been sharing her method with others to rave reviews, and starting this year, has a retreat in Nicaragua which is already sold out. This girl knows her stuff, and I leave her classes with an overall feeling of peace and positivity every single time!On today’s episode, we discuss the importance of having complete wellness which includes all aspects of life, how travel can truly feed your soul, and why the art of movement is the ultimate healer. If you feel off balance or just not right then this episode will definitely get you into the correct headspace to begin to heal.

Do you prioritize wellness in your daily life? What things do you do to help yourself in mind, body, and soul? Leave a comment below?


In this episode:

  • What is the misfit method and how can it help me in my daily life

  • How music inspires and unites everyone in a class

  • Importance of having complete wellness available in a studio

  • How community affects your mind, body, and soul

  • The difference between shutting down and shutting off



“There is a physical component, which is the blend, a real medley of yoga and pilates and dance and everything that can be woven in between those three realms. And then there is the spiritual aspect, which is that all the teachers are very tuned in. They are connected to themselves.” (1:56)

“Learning how to integrate, how to move with your injury and really slowly heal, I think is the only way. It’s the next revolution in body wellness.” (21:48)

“What I have also witnessed is that people who graduate from those programs aren’t as well equipped as what I had imagined someone really fresh out of a program would be to teach a class. It’s like they learn what their teacher teaches rather than learn how to wake up from the inside and heal themselves. And, whether they end up teaching or not, in my program, is almost irrelevant. At the end of the program, yes you will be able to teach a class, but for me, it’s all of the other stuff that matters so much more.” (26:18)

“I love to travel and there is something so beautiful about going somewhere and being anonymous and walking around somewhere brand new and getting lost. So that is truly what feeds me.” (35:11)



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