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Is your food working for you or against you? Today on Lemon Water we’re breaking down how your choices at the market can either contribute to longevity and health, or at worst, be contributing to aging, poor health and laying the groundwork for chronic diseases later in life. We all know that making changes to what you eat is a heck of a lot cheaper than costly doctor visits, so we’re going diving into what those changes look like!

Tonya Papnikolov is a Holistic Nutritionist, Health Chef and Yogi. She recently spent time studying plant-based culinary arts with Matthew Kenney Culinary in California. She is the founder of The Well Woman, a health company that educates, teaches and coaches clients around the world on the power of functional food, nutrition and holistic lifestyle. She’s up to a lot!: Consulting and coaching, writing, menu creation, food delivery, food products and has an online shop coming this year!

On today’s episode, we discuss how eating plant-based, local and organic can help your health issues, why having a community that you can turn to for support is so integral to success, and how radiance starts from the inside. If you’re currently suffering from chronic diseases or ailments, you’re going to want to hear what Tonya has to say.

Have you struggled with an ongoing sickness or ailment? Have you experimented with your diet in hopes of defeating it? What were the outcomes? Please leave a comment below!


In this is episode:

How changes to your diet can actually eliminate chronic ailments and diseases

Exploring some of the contributing factors in the increase of diseases around the world

What can eating a plant-based diet do for you?

Is organic truly worth the price you pay at the market?



“Our soil just doesn’t have as many minerals or as many nutrients as it used to, so we are not getting as much from our food anymore. There are environmental toxins; there’s the air we are breathing, alcohol, drugs. I think everything coming together puts us in a compromised place.” (14:45)

“There are so many talented, incredible people and there is room for everyone as well. I think that it’s incredible what you can create when you have that.” (22:48)

“I don’t try to be too preachy with any of my clients. It’s more so that this is really what works! And, when you look at health and you look at chronic disease and you look at inflammation, or digestive disorders, it’s just eating a different diet that consists of mostly plants [that helps].” (25:53)

“I want to be able to inspire and help people in whatever way I can, and show them how incredibly vibrant and delicious healthy food can be.” (34:50)



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