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Do you find yourself falling into following fad diets and supplements that are the hot new thing for a few months and then fade away quickly to be replaced by the next hot new thing? Did you know that you could actually be doing way more harm than good by doing so? Our guest today drops some knowledge bombs when it comes to why all nutrients are not made for everyone, why Chinese medicine has stood the test of time, and how you can battle infertility without costly procedures.

Anne Matthews is a certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience, a registered acupuncturist, Chinese medicine practitioner, business owner, wife, and mother of three little girls. She owns two acupuncture clinics in Toronto called Energy Tree Acupuncture, and is the founder of The Energy Makeover which is more than a fitness program, it’s a new identity.

On today’s episode we discuss how everything you need to be healthy already lives inside of you and how simple tweaks to your life and lifestyle choices can reverse the damage you may have been already causing your body. If you have ever felt like it was too late to make changes or that everything you’ve tried before has failed, then this episode will give you hope.

Have you ever tried acupuncture? Did you get your desired results? What’s one health fad that you look back on and shake your head? Please leave a comment below!


In this episode:

  • Why infertility is becoming such a common occurrence in our society

  • How can you fight infertility using healthy eating and nutrients

  • Nutrient recommendation to tackle a variety of issues you may be facing

  • How the preparation of food dictates how your body is able to absorb the nutrients


“In China, women are seen as a priority because they are bearing the future, which is why acupuncture and chinese medicine is so advanced in fertility,” (9:06)

“A lot of nutrient deficiencies that women are facing are related to an inability to absorb B6, magnesium, B12, and those are crucial nutrients to become pregnant in the first place.” (19:12)

“Everything you already need [to be healthy] is in you and it’s just about tweaking how your life is and the way that you are choosing to live it.” (36:22)

“Nothing, except for exercise, is beneficial for everyone.” (41:05)



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